Fresh off a massively successful ride with Vega Nutritional Foods, former VP and General Manager Phil Lebeau came to Dossier with a new venture of his own. Beginning with an organic, coffee-based body scrub, Phil’s vision was to launch a premium line of body products that would have strong appeal as a high-velocity consumer brand.
Tapping into his passion for creating brands with strong culture and purpose, we collaborated with Phil to help launch basd: a premium line of organic and cruelty-free body care products.
Working with Phil's desire for a minimalist, industrial feel, we refined the brand’s proposition, crafted its messaging and created a playfully-sophisticated brand identity and packaging program.
I developed a bold identity and created a versatile visual vocabulary that expresses the brand’s confidence across all packaging and marketing collateral. Inspired by abstract beauty and clean aesthetics of modernist movements like Bauhaus, I devised patterns based on abstraction of the letterforms and colour coding to evoke sensual efficacy.
Geometric patterning and colour are used as a bold and clear devices to be able to identify product category and type.
The brand ethos is a “no-BS” nothing-to-hide attitude.  It’s summarized in the cheeky tagline we developed. “Good to Be Nakd” empowers people to be confident in their own skin.
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